Hello friends and fellow German Shepherd lovers! At German Shepherd Place this autumn brings with it an exciting new chapter as we approach our one-year anniversary!

You’ll see changes on this blog as out-of-date content is cleared to make way for what’s coming up. This first post of a new series is to give you a quick update and indication of what’s to come.

I’m greatful for the good things that have come to us in 2013 already. Not least of these things is those of you who chose to become subscribers on German Shepherd Place. You are part of what drives this site, with your interest and enthusiasm plus your appreciation for the German Shepherd! You’ve already been receiving your copies of the German Shepherd Report via email. I hope you’ve found them both useful and enjoyable. It’s been a gratifying task preparing them for you.

In the next few posts I’ll comment further on our subscribers, who come from many nations; and I’ll also share an update on German Shepherd Essentials, the book. You, the visitors to German Shepherd Place will get the inside scoop on this eBook publication before its release on Kindle.

Finally, I will have a special request for you as a visitor to German Shepherd Place – yes, I need your help; but more about that next time.

Until then,

Mark Mulock

P.S. It would be great to hear from you! Let us know where you live (country, or if in the US, which state) and how you found us; and tell us about your German Shepherd(s) and anything else that you’d like to share. Just click on “comments” below.