Greetings Visitors,

In the last post I mentioned that I’d be talking about the subscribers to the German Shepherd Report. These are the folks that “opt-in” via the box to the right.  As of today, we have eight countries represented amongst the subscribers:

  • The USA
  • The United Kingdom
  • India
  • Canada
  • Nigeria
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Japan

That’s the internet for you! The US subscribers are the largest number by a wide margin, with the UK and India sharing second place, followed by an even distribution from the other countries.

For those of you not yet subscribing, I’d like to give you a preview of some of things the German Shepherd Report covers: I try to give really useful facts and tips on various German Shepherd-related topics, including training and the raw diet – info that supplements what you find on German Shepherd In addition to these things, I really wanted to add some special fun to the experience, and this led to the part I got most excited about – I ended up doing a series of hero-dog stories! These fascinating true stories highlight the bond between man and his “best friend”, within a variety of cultural and historic backdrops.

In addition to the content mentioned above, subscribers will be the first to hear about offers or opportunities of interest to owners or would-be owners of the German Shepherd. For example, my upcoming eBook, German Shepherd Essentials,  will first be introduced to this group. And they’ll get an opportunity to participate in the launch of this special publication.

Until next time!

Mark Mulock

P.S. It would be great to hear from you! Let us know where you live (country; or if in the US, which state) and how you found us; and tell us about your German Shepherd(s) and anything else that you’d like to share. Just click on “comments” below.