Dear Visitor,

In the US we have our Thanksgiving celebrations behind us. We’ve reflected, given thanks and probably eaten a great deal of turkey, ham, pie etc.

But let’s give thanks today for our special German Shepherd friends, and take the time for a little reflection!

Let’s reflect on a few things that make a GSD a GSD:


Friendly to its owner, but cautious with strangers – your German Shepherd is wired that way.  It’s a part of their protective nature.

The herder: Want a good chuckle? Watch your GSD as he decides to herd children, geese, ducks, smaller cats and dogs – anything that moves. He thinks it’s his job to gather them up and move them to the location of his choice.

Power Pack on Four Legs

A canine athlete is your dog. He has to get that vigorous workout. Want to participate? There are endless options, including an exhilarating one or two mile jog. Don’t need the workout? Then, grab a racket and slam the tennis ball; wait while dog retrieves. Or, toss ball in water; let dog jump, chase and retrieve….

Kingly Canine

Every dog owner has their favorite breed, and their own fondly-held opinion about what the best one is. Of course as German Shepherd people, we happen to know that there is only one true King of Canines – that of course is our dog, the German Shepherd! But seriously, there is something a little awe-inspiring about the appearance of the German Shepherd. Not a bad thing when it comes to its role as a protection dog.

I would enjoy hearing from you – tell us which part of the world you are from (we had 90 nations visit in November). And, how about some reflections on your dog!

Until next time!

Mark Mulock