“Outside of a dog, a book is mans’ best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.”                                              Groucho Marx

…that is, unless you have Cesar Millan to help!

Cesar Millan Resources for Overcoming Dog Behavior Problems

If you have read our article, Cesar Millan’s Dog Whisperer Method, you’ll know that we credit Millan with having an insightful gift of helping people overcome problem behavior patterns in their dogs.

A talent of a different kind was Groucho Marx, one of the great funny guys of early American cinema. While his witticism quoted above dealt with the imaginary challenges of trying to read a book inside a dog, it is reasonable to say that for some owners, confronted with doggy behavior problems, the recesses of those canine minds can be difficult to read!

German Shepherds sometimes get a bad rap for aggressive behavior. But the understanding owner knows that help is available. It is a journey of discovery most of us will gladly take for our canine friends.

So, if you know of a dog with behavior problems, either yours or that of a friend who may be receptive to help, I’m going to point you  today to some practical solutions from Cesar Millan:

  1. Cesar’s Way magazine: The February 2014 issue has an article on page 40 where Cesar helps solve the five biggest problems he says owners have with their dogs: Barking; chewing; aggression; separation anxiety and housebreaking.
  2. Millan has a new TV series out this spring. Here is the information we can give you:
  • Name of the show:  Cesar 911
  • Channel:                 NatGeo Wild
  • When:                    Starting March 7, 2014
  • Subject:                 It’s Cesar to the rescue as he helps people driven beyond their wit’s end because of misbehaving dogs, after all other options have failed. (as described on Cesar’s website)

       3. Cesar’s website is, Here you will find useful articles dealing with dog training and how to overcome behavior challenges.

Until next time!

Mark Mulock


 P.S. It would be great to hear from you! Let us know where you live (country; or if in the US, which state) and how you found us; and tell us about your German Shepherd(s) and anything else that you’d like to share. Just click on “comments” below.


4 Replies to “INSIDE A DOG’S MIND”

  1. Are you aware of any online resources other than which help people learn to use his techniques? No matter what search I try, the results are 99% people bashing Cesar and praising clicker training, which is not what I’m looking for. I find the shows fascinating and can see the potential, but there are so many small details that get left out to make it a good TV show.

    • Hi Janine,
      This would be my recommendation to you: Check out Cesar’s books. He’s written a number of them and I think that’s where you will find the more detailed info you are looking for. In addition, you can check out his magazine, Cesar’s Way. In every issue he has at least a couple of articles on his training techniques.
      Mark M

  2. Hi Wendy. Forgive the delay in responding. I can tell you are a caring owner, and I’m sure you’ll do well with your pup. It does take patience and consistency to get any pup well trained. Make sure Lucy has chewy toys at hand to occupy her and satisfy her need to chew.
    German Shepherd do get a bad rap for being aggressive. So long as you give Lucy plenty of exercise and some mental stimulation too, you shouldn’t have aggression problems with her.
    “What to Expect the First Year” would be a good theme for an article here – something we might just do.
    The best to you and yours,
    Mark Mulock

  3. Hello, we recently added a German Shepherd puppy named Lucy to our family. She is now 14 weeks. We bought her from an AKC breeder here in Ks. I am so in love with her, but realize I am constantly worried about training her correctly as the more I read, the more I realize this breed is getting a bad rep for being aggressive. I want to thank you for sharing as I am eager to learn all I can about this breed I appreciate having a site where I can go for questions or concerns, and in puppyhood, that is daily. I wish there were a “What to Expect the First Year” German Shepherd series! I know to be patient with the biting, but worry because of their reputation, we are losing the window of time in which we can correct it. I signed up my children too so we will have reminders to maximize Lucy’s potential and keep us inspired to keep working with her and be consistent.

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