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Amongst the many distinctive qualities of our favorite dog, the German Shepherd, are his good looks. His appearance may be described as noble, proud and self assured. He’s a large dog with a long neck. His head has unmistakable shepherd-dog characteristics, with long muzzle and large upright ears. His eyes are lively and intelligent.

But, as the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words”. So here are some photos of the German Shepherd Dog. We include a black GSD, and a White Shepherd. The latter became a separate breed, but started out as a German Shepherd (see our article The White Shepherd).

GDS Head in WindowWhite Shepherd in SunGSD, Black 


GSD in Landscape


GSD, Young, Sitting Outdoors



I know many of you, our visitors, have your own beautiful German Shepherds. We’d enjoy seeing your photos, and possibly sharing them with our readers on this blog. Just write to us at Contact@GermanShepherdPlace.com and send your photos as an attachment in your email.

If you are interested in discovering more about the German Shepherd Dog, his background and history, you might like to check out our article, The History of The German Shepherd Dog.

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Note: The above photos are used under license from iStockphoto, and may not be copied or reproduced.