To start today, I’d like to acknowledge the top five countries represented amongst visitors to German Shepherd Place. First is the USA, with 64% of all our visitors, followed by the United Kingdom, India, Canada and then Australia. These are followed 125 other nations. It’s exciting for us to have this kind of reach, and we love the fact that there are dedicated German Shepherd Owners in all these countries, searching the best options for their dogs’ health and welfare!

Of all the things you can do to help promote longevity and good health for your German Shepherd, insuring he is eating good food has got to be a high priority. This is why we cover the subject in some depth here at German Shepherd Place in the following articles:

Feeding Your German Shepherd

Dog Food: Understanding the Ingredient Label

Foods to Avoid Feeding Your Dog

Raw Food Diets for Dogs: Facts & Tips

While on the topic of food for your dog, I want to tell you about a very useful, comprehensive resource for helping you make good choices,  The website is the work of Mike Sagman. Although a practicing dentist, Sagman devotes his free time to reviewing dog food. He’s done some 800 reviews, representing about 3,500 commercial products!  Each food he scrutinizes gets a ranking – between one and five stars.