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From time to time I’m going to share some Q & A with you in this blog. We get a number of questions on various German Shepherd-related topics. Today we’ll share a question regarding supplements for dogs and our response, for those of you who may have similar questions.
Do you suggest any vitamins or supplements? My vet said it is not required at this moment. But again, I want the best for my pup. L.T.

So long as you are feeding your pup a high quality food (which we highly recommend), he should be getting complete and balanced nutrition, with no need for supplements. You can read about what constitutes high quality food in our article at:

I would not recommend using a low quality food, and then attempting to make it right by adding supplements, simply because many low quality foods not only fail to give appropriate nutrition, but they actually have harmful ingredients.
That leaves the one place where there is a good legitimate need to supplement for your GSD. This would be when you are feeding a raw food diet to your dog, and you assemble the ingredients yourself as opposed to purchasing ready-made complete raw meals. Here you would need to supplement to insure the full range of nutritional components in your dog’s diet. For more details see our article at:
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