Spring is a great time for many German Shepherd households, being ideal in many places for outdoor adventure. It’s also the time of new beginnings. There’s the new life evident all around us in nature; then, there are the ways we may, consciously or otherwise, mirror that in our lives. Some of us tidy things up around the house, put on some fresh paint, clean out the garage and so on. At German Shepherd Place, we are giving a spring facelift to our website and publishing an eBook. In addition we’ll continue to “breathe fresh life” into our articles in order to give the best possible experience to you our guests including those of you that are the special members of our subscriber community (see opt-in box on sidebar).

Separation Anxiety: Your Questions Answered

Does your German Shepherd display separation anxiety when you leave the house? Most do, to one extent or another. We get a number of questions on the subject, so wrote an article to help you help your dog to overcome his or her excessive stress when you leave the house. To read the article CLICK HERE.

German Shepherd Essentials, The eBook

if you like this website, you’ll love the eBook. Designed as the next step up anyone who has enjoyed reading the articles here, the book has lots of interesting and new material for German Shepherd Owners, hence the subtitle, “The Smart Owner’s Guide”

We’re Going “Responsive”

As visitors to this website, more and more of you are coming to us via smart phones and tablets. Therefore we’ve made the decision to go to a new responsive platform. What this means is that you’ll never have to scroll from side to side to read the articles. Everything on the site will automatically resize to fit the device you are using, providing what we hope will be the simplest and most pleasant experience possible.
P.S. We’d enjoy hearing from you. If you have a moment, let us know about your German Shepherd(s). Or, perhaps you have a question or comment you’d like to share. You can email us at:


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