Animals have the capacity to touch and affect you and me in ways that even people may not. And of all animals, dogs perhaps most often demonstrate this capacity. What an inspiration the unconditional love of our dogs so often is. And here’s a thought; if you are ever human-relationship-challenged – and aren’t we all at times! – just ponder the most recent demonstration of canine unconditional love that you witnessed, then try and spread a little of that good stuff amongst the humans in your life!

Legendary Loyalty
The loyalty of dogs epitomizes the things we love about our pooches. Those of you who have subscribed to the German Shepherd Report (see note at bottom) may have already read the hero dog stories, like the Akita who returned to the local railway station daily, to await his master’s homecoming – for 9 years after the latter’s death! Then there was sergeant Stubby, a military dog! He performed with such distinction during WW 1 that he accumulated more medals than most men. He rescued soldiers, took prisoners, and continued to work even after sustaining battle injuries.
Closer to home, you could no doubt share some experiences of your own, where your dog has been touchingly loyal.

Something I’ve Learned from My Dogs
Patience. While I don’t claim to be the best student in the matter of patience, this I can say, that my dogs have provided a great example (with the exception of when they want food)! Have you ever had something like this happen with your dog: You were late to go somewhere, and were in a hurry to get going when you realized you had to take the dog out, or deal with another canine need or issue. You found yourself impatient or annoyed that your dog should get in the way of “more important things.” Then came the canine response – gentle, loving, uncomprehending; with eyes that say: “What did I do to upset my favorite human; if I only knew what I did, I would change it to make my human not be upset and to love me again.” Talk about a picture being “worth a thousand words!” Our dogs speak volumes just with the look in their eyes.
I’ve been guilty of unwarranted impatience towards my dogs – more times than I care to relate; only to become the target of the unconditional-love-treatment! And if that’s not a motivator to work on some of those personal rough edges, I don’t know what is!

You Have a Story to Share!
What have you learned from your dog or dogs? Or, is there an experience you can relate where your dog’s action or reaction to something touched you in a way you’ll not easily forget?
It would be great to hear from you!

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Mark Mulock, publisher.


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