Something Special for GSD “Parents”
One of the enjoyable things about publishing this website is that I get to interact with the visitors that write in. Not long ago we decided to make a way for those who wish, to connect via email. So we put together the German Shepherd Report.
The ‘Report is yours for the asking – just fill in the opt-in box to the right (you’ll receive an email to verify your request), and we’ll get you started. The German Shepherd Report is full of useful information, comes with a dash of fun and a couple of hero stories for good measure! It is delivered to you one issue at a time via email.
As an addition to the ‘Report, I write letters periodically to the subscribers, just to stay in touch in a more personal way. And of course, you get to write, share your own stories, your GSD photos and your questions.

We Don’t Want to Overwhelm You But…
In case you are reading this and haven’t heard about it yet, I’d be remiss if I didn’t draw your attention to the upcoming eBook, German Shepherd Essentials. This companion publication to this website will be published initially in an Amazon Kindle edition. The publication date will be announced soon, here on the website.
Book Cover Final Rendering - Copy
If you’ve enjoyed all the free information on this website you are going to love the book. On the website we try to keep things concise to allow for the quick reading that most of us expect online. By contrast, the book has been filled out with more detail and additional material. It’s designed to be a great additional resource for German Shepherd owners.

We’d Enjoy Hearing from You!
As always, it would be a pleasure to hear from you. Drop us a line at:

Until next time,
Mark Mulock


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