The short answer is… yes!

Let’s talk about the benefits of giving our canine friends olive oil in their diets. In an earlier post we looked at another beneficial oil – virgin coconut oil. These powerful natural food oils have some different and some overlapping qualities. Are we recommending one over the other? No, rather I see them as complimentary. Therefore to alternate their use would be a good way to combine their benefits for your dog.
So, let’s zero in on the benefits of providing olive oil to German Shepherds in their diet:

Health & Energy

Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fats (healthy fats!) that fight against cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Heart-health is further aided by the flavenoid polyphenols, natural antioxidants contained in olive oil. These antioxidants add further immunity against disease.

Anti Aging

Senior dogs tend to experience cognitive decline. Feeding them olive oil will help prevent this. There’s no reason your dog’s brain shouldn’t remain sharp as he ages.
Because olive oil counters the effects of free radical oxidation, it is effective in promoting longer life, and reducing the effects of ageing.

Weight Control & Elimination

The monounsaturated fats in olive oil work to break down the fats contained within fat cells, providing a great natural weight-reducing mechanism. In addition, olive oil promotes healthy digestion and elimination.

A Beautiful Coat

A dog that has olive oil in his diet tends to have a more shiny, vibrant looking coat, an attribute shared with coconut oil.

Taste Appeal

Adding olive oil to your dog’s dry kibble gives flavor and can help overcome some canines’ fussy-eating ways.


Start by adding a little olive oil to your dog’s food – about a teaspoon. Let him get used to the new flavor and the feel of the oil in his mouth. Progressively add to the quantity over several days. End up feeding about a tablespoonful a day for a 50lb dog; a spoon and a half for a 75lb pooch.

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  1. Thanks for this info my alsatian dog is 7years old and his hinds legs has a weakness the vet diagnosed arthritis but 2days ago before that i put some olive oil over his food so i thought i made him sick thats why the query.Thanks again

    • No worries here Faith – olive oil is a benign and beneficial dietary supplement that we can give our dogs. There’s no association with your dog’s hind legs!


  2. Does anybody have any objective, published studies that support this info? Of course most of us don’t walk around with links to journal articles, but maybe links to another source that would then lead to the studies from there? I’m not opposed to trying things that have shown minimal or modest results as long as it does not cause harm, so I’m not really looking for robust findings before trying out a good recommendation. Thanks in advance for any help.

  3. Is it ok to give olive oil to poodles too? I guess a teaspoon would be enough for a 7 pound dog or would that be too much?

    • Hi Lori,

      Olive oil is excellent for any dog, for the same reasons as it’s beneficial to the German Shepherd. One teaspoon should do it for your 7 pound poodle; I’d start with a half by way of introduction, and up it to the full teaspoon after a couple of days.

      The best,
      Mark Mulock

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