If you’ve been following the recent blog posts, you ‘ll know we’ve been discussing Dr Richard Pitcairn’s holistic methods as covered by his book Dr Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats. This month we’ll veer from our planned food-related topic, and we’ll cover some other items which I think will be of interest.

Rumor’s Big Day at the Westminster Show

On February 14, at the 141st annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show, the Best of Show award went to Rumor, a 5 year old female GSD. Favored to win the previous year, Rumor narrowly missed Top Dog spot in 2016, settling for Reserve Best of Show, or runner up. This year’s win was a first for a dog in the Herding Group since 1987, a title also taken by a German Shepherd. It was the 104th career win for Rumor.


In the photos: Handler and part-owner Kent Boyles takes Rumor through her paces. At bottom, with Judge Thomas Bradley, on left, and two competition officials. Screenshots from Fox Sports


Winners from other groups came in as follows:

Sporting Group. Irish Setter ( also Reserve Best in Show (Runner Up)
Working Group. Boxer
Hound Group. Norwegian Elk Hound
Non-Sporting Group. Miniature Poodle
Terrier Group. Norwich Terrier
Toy Group, Pekingese
Asked what sealed the deal for him, judge Thomas J. Bradley III responded:
“The German Shepherd *Standard talks about quality and nobility – sometimes unrecognizable, but when you recognize it, it gets you home. And that’s what it really is – she is just magnificent.”

Described sometimes as the “Super Bowl of Dog Shows”, the Westminster show is an annual fixture at Madison Square Gardens, where sellout crowds attend every year. This year’s event had 2800 competitors, and 200 breeds were represented. The competitors came from 49 states and 16 countries. This year for the first time, cats were included in the Saturday Meet the Breed event, a preamble to the competitions (still canine only) of Tuesday and Wednesday. Although controversial, this inclusion of cats appealed to many; a 2011 CBS News poll found 23% of US pet-owning households have both a dog and a cat.

If you are interested in learning more about the world of competition I invite you to read our article SHOWING YOUR GSD.

America’s Most Popular Dog Breeds

Our recently updated article on top dog breeds in the United States, features the 10 favorites – based on AKC (American Kennel Club) data – counting down in order of popularity. The Boxer is in 10th place, while the French Bulldog is a new addition to the list, climbing in recent years from relative obscurity to the number 6 spot. Top ranking dog? The GSD? Close; but not quite. You can read the article by clicking THE MOST POPULAR DOG BREEDS.

Pitcairn Book, 4th Edition Coming Soon

We are currently working on our review of the 4th edition of the above-mentioned Pitcairn book. I’m excited to be able to provide this to roughly coincide with the book’s March publication. Those who’ve waited for this new edition (originally published in 1981) will not be disappointed. It is a substantial update reflecting advances in holistic care for dogs and cats, and beyond that to the matter of stewardship for the animal kingdom and the planet at large. As Pitcairn deals with food matters, much of it to do with sorting out what’s good and what’s contaminated, and how to make the right choices, his findings in most instances are as applicable to human diets as they are for our dogs and cats. To me, this adds even more value to an already first rate publication.

With the book review, we will be providing a link for our readers who wish to be amongst the first to get the 4th edition. This will be a great buy, arranged through our affiliate relationship with Amazon. With over 500,000 copies sold of its previous additions, it’s had a tremendous impact for good amongst said pets, including our top dog the German Shepherd!


*German Shepherd Dog Breed Standard: CLICK HERE