We’ve pushed up the publishing schedule this month in order to get out our book review of Dr Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats ahead of the book’s release date which is set for March 21!

At 500 pages the newest – and 4th – edition represents a significant makeover from earlier versions. Here I’m giving the briefest overview, or summary, of some key areas of focus of the book, and we’ll provide a link at the bottom for those who’d enjoy seeing the full review. In addition,  we’ve arranged a very convenient tie-in with Amazon: To purchase the book – at a great price! –  just click the purchase link below.

Micro and Macro?

While most of us will approach a book such as Dr Pitcairn’s Guide’ with a view to some specific benefit to our pets, the author does a good job of broadening the topic in ways that add greater understanding, at the same time resisting the temptation to get off on an overly extended tangent. He keeps things relevant. The reader comes away with practical solutions for improved health for our animals that allow us at the same time to exercise an enhanced level of good stewardship over the environment beyond our immediate surroundings.

A Definite Recommend

With plenty of actual recipes included in the pages, this volume goes beyond theoretical. And then, there’s a whole section of dog and cat ailments along with the corresponding treatment and food recommendations. In addition the author writes on other facets of companion-animal health, starting with the matter of locating a healthy pet in the first place, and dealing in detail with how to turn our homes into animal-friendly, toxin-free environments. Another section provides a working knowledge of many streams of holistic treatment, including his personal favorite, homeopathy.

On Pitcairn’s actual approach to nutrition and feeding, he lays out a compelling case for moving towards a vegan – meat-free – diet. As you’ll see in the full review, the rationale is twofold: Toxins in the food chain are such that most of us will be hard pressed to obtain a regular source of meats and fish that are not contaminated by hormones and other chemicals coming from a combination of production methods and environmental contamination. In addition, there’s an often unseen, but significant, impact on both animals and natural resources from the stepped-up rearing of livestock to meet burgeoning worldwide demand.

Next Steps

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