Calculating Your Dog’s True Age

Various theories abound on how to convert human years to dog years – the 1 to 7 formula being the best known. However, the formula must be adapted to make allowance for the fact that the first couple of years represent a period of faster development in a dog. Adulthood is clearly established by the 24-month mark, which would indicate a 10 or 12 to 1 conversion in the first two years.

In addition, the breed-size also affects the rate of ageing and longevity. Smaller breeds age slower and therefore live longer than large breeds.

Here’s a chart that converts human years to dog years, and makes allowance for the two factors we’ve discussed. Use the “large dog” numbers for your German Shepherd. E.g., 12 years = 84 years. Note: You may need to zoom in and magnify the chart, to see the numbers clearly.

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