Ted’s Woodworking offers an impressive collection of woodworking projects you can accomplish yourself, no matter what your skill level – they include furniture, outdoor structures, sheds, shelving, boats, ornaments, toys and on and on. Each project comes with blueprints and detailed instructions. And the whole library of many hundreds of projects is made available to you should you decide to sign up. Every project is fun to build, provides immense satisfaction in the finished item, and will of course save you a lot of money!

Ted’s Woodworking and German Shepherd Place

Many German Shepherd owners are part of a larger household; and, given the presence of their German Shepherds, and perhaps other animals in addition to the human members of the family this all adds up to a lifestyle that’s likely quite centered around house and home. So, a proven DIY product like Ted’s Woodworking is likely to be a great asset to many of our visitors and friends here.

We also noted the appeal of being able to make furnishings, shelves, racks, garden structures, dog houses – so many useful things – things that we either need or would love to have around the house and garden. 

With those things in mind, it seemed to us at German Shepherd Place that the Ted’s Woodworking project plans would be a great fit for anyone who enjoys the occasional (or frequent!) DIY project, where you end up with something really beautiful and practical with each project!!

Here’s a sampling of finished work from Ted’s Woodworking plans:

You’ll notice that not only is there a great range of projects, but also of styles. So you’ll never run out of possibilities for things you can make in a style you love!

Incredible Value…Huge Number of Plans

Without getting into all the details (which you’ll get when you click the button below), I will say this much: I’m pleasantly surprised at how low the price is and how much is included. Think of it this way: Good plans for any worthwhile wood project can easily sell for $50.00 to $100.00 a piece, and often more. If you were to pay only $50.00 apiece for, say, 4 projects that you knew you wanted to build, we’re talking $200.00. Yet, Ted’s Woodworking charges even less than that for access to the entire collection. Of over 16,000

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Several years ago I bought plans for building a small wooden sailing boat, from a boatbuilder on the east coast. They cost me $100.00. The plans were well put together and made the task quite intuitive. I was very happy with what I got for the money. So, as you can imagine I was shocked to discover Ted’s Woodworking and how much they offer for less money than what I paid for one plan. We’re talking not just one plan, or even a dozen or a hundred plans; but, a huge library!! With Ted’s Woodworking plans you could build a great array of different projects for many years, and still have plenty more available!!!

Clear Instructions

How do you make plans simple enough for the novice, yet with results to satisfy a professional? With super-clear instructions accompanied by precise blueprints.

Ted’s Woodworking make their plans so clear and detailed that no experience is necessary to understand them and successfully complete any project. Anything you decide to create you can prepare for with up-front lists of the materials and tools you’ll need. You work out your budget and prepare materials from the get-go.

They make it easy for you to produce finished projects that absolutely look like they came out of a professional woodworking shop!!

But You Don’t Have to Take My Word For It!

We all know how gratifying it is to get expressions of appreciation from those we serve in one way or another. We are fortunate at German Shepherd Place to get many messages from those who’ve been helped by the information we provide.

Ted’s Woodworking has provided many testimonials; here are a few of them:

There’s something powerful about hearing it from others – just regular people from different walks of life, all of whom are having a really positive experience with Ted’s plans! Here are some more:

A Special Price and a Guarantee!

It’s important to us here at German Shepherd Place to  filter anything we might offer or promote to you our friends and visitors on this site. We’ve set two basic requirements: First, that you’ll get real value for your money, and, second, that the product or service must be fully guaranteed.

Ted’s Woodworking meets both those requirements!! You have the full assurance of great value for money; and totally without risk – the 60-day guarantee insures you must be completely satisfied or your money’s refunded!

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