German Shepherd Essentials ~ The Smart Owner’s Guide

There are many questions confronting the conscientious German Shepherd Dog owner; things such as:

  • What do you need to know from dog food ingredient labels?
  • How can you instill calmness and order at home with your GSD?
  • How much exercise does a German Shepherd really need?
  • What foods are toxic to my dog?
  • Should you add vitamin/mineral supplements to a raw diet?
  • How do you treat separation anxiety?
  • Is it OK to shave your dog?

The German Shepherd Dog has many distinctive qualities, and owning one has the potential to be an especially rewarding experience, for those willing to invest a little time to become more knowledgeable on the breed.

The author, Mark Mulock operates a German Shepherd-focused website that draws thousands of visitors every month from around the world. In writing German Shepherd Essentials, The Smart Owner’s Guide, he distills plenty of knowledge and experience into a valuable guidebook on every aspect of German Shepherd care.

German Shepherd Essentials has plenty for every German Shepherd owner, experienced or otherwise – including would-be first-time owners. Written in a nice concise style, it is an easy and enjoyable read.

True to its title, the essential stuff is covered here – feeding, grooming, healthcare, activities, house-training, obedience and such. But there’s a lot more beyond the “essentials”:

  • A detailed intro to raw diets, covering ingredients, food safety, and arguments for and against raw food.
  • A section to help you choose names for your GSD.
  • A condensed history on dog breeds
  • A look at the 10 most popular breeds.
  • The strange and unlikely story of the White Shepherd.

German Shepherd Essentials is a great reference book that is both instructive and fun to read! It should be in the home of every German Shepherd owner!