Articles on Activities & Training for Your German Shepherd

There’s no question that your German Shepherd is a canine athlete. And every athlete needs plenty of exercise and the appropriate training in order to thrive and do well. That’s the way it is with your GSD.

10 Best Adorable Dog Breeds To Have in your Family

If you are looking for a dog to adopt as your family member. This article is written for you. We brought to you some of the best available adorable beautiful dog breeds. You can pick one. This will help you a lot to choose the right breed for you. Let’s look at those ones by…

Why is my dog making weird breathing noises?

Many owners of dog owners noticed unusual symptoms in their pets.  With a “grunting” sound, the ribs are lifted very sharply, and the dog tries to stretch the neck as far forward as possible. This attack lasts about 15-60 seconds.  

Cesar Millan german shepherd

Felipe The César Felipe Millán is the superstar of his field. And his field is dog training. He is probably one of the most well known talk tennis right now existing on this planet earth. By birth, he is a Mexican American. He is famous for the multiple reasons related to the dog and the…

Can You Shave Your Shepherd Dog ?

Can Shave Your Shepherd Dog? A very common question asked by the dog owners especially the Shepherd dogs. In this article we have investigated various aspects of these including can you trim a German shepherd? does German shepherd hair grow back? How to groom a German shepherd? And to some extent, the answer to the…

Best Dog Jokes and Funny Dog Stories

In the evening, two dog owners meet on a narrow path. One has a huge purebred shepherd on a leash, the other has something short, bow-legged, similar to a dachshund. A man with a shepherd dog arrogantly says: – My dog ​​is bigger, so you must give us the way. He objects: – And my…

Dog Collar Bells

If you are having a dog pet then dog collar bells are mandatory products when it comes to your dog care. By these bells, you can keep an eye on your pet. Their pleasant sound lets you that where they are roaming. It also helps their prey to escape. These collar bells are also a…

Wall Mounted Dog Bells for Dogs

Are you looking for the Wall Mounted Dog Bells for Dogs? Here in this article, you will know about the all Mounted Dog Bells for Dogs. Schooling is an integral part of the life of every dog and is useful for a lot of objectives. It offers mental stimulation that helps keep your dog healthy,…

Tinkle Bells For Dogs

Education is an integral part of the life of every dog and is important for a variety of reasons.

Long Haired German Shepherd – Complete guide

The Fact Sheet – German Shepherd   Breed name German Shepherd Origin The Country Germany First Breed Appearance 1899  Weight of the Adult Dog – Male 30-40 kg Weight of the Adult Dog – FeMale 22-32 kg Height of the Dog – Male 60-65 cm Height of the Dog – FeMale 55-65 cm Life Spam…


A recent survey amongst dog owners produced these as the top 10 dog names in the US – five for each gender,

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