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Now for some fun – choosing the perfect name for your perfect (or not!) puppy. Since you’ll often be addressing your dog, you might want to consider a name that is short, with one or two syllables.

Top-Ten Dog Names

A recent survey amongst dog owners produced these as the top 10 dog names in the US – five for each gender, in order with the first names on each list being the top choices:

Boy Dogs: Buddy; Max; Charlie; Jack; Rocky.

Girl Dogs: Daisy; Bella; Lucy; Molly; Sadie

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More Favorite Dog Names

Top Female Dog Names Top Male Dog Names
AngelAngelic; the messenger of God. (Greek) BearStrong; brave. (English and German)
BellaBeautiful. (Latin) BuddyFriend; brother. (English)
DaisyEye of the day; synonym for Sun. (English) BusterHitter; puncher. (English)
GingerPep; liveliness. (English) CharlieManly; strong; free. (English)
LucyLight. (Latin) DukeLeader; noble. (English)
MaggiePearl. (Greek) JackGod is gracious. (English)
MollyStar of the sea. (Irish and Latin) JakeHeld by the heel; supplanter. (Hebrew)
PrincessRoyal daughter. (Latin) LuckyFortunate. (English)
SadiePrincess. (English and Hebrew) MaxThe greatest. (Latin)
SophieWisdom. (Greek) RockyOne who gives rest; strong, firm. (English)

Presidential Pet Names

Veterinary Pet Insurance reviewed its “client list” of 467,000 insured pets to ascertain which Presidents gave rise to the greatest number of pet names. This is what they came up with:

1. “Lincoln” (105)

2. “Reagan” (103)

3. “Kennedy” (37)

4. Hoover” (36)

5. “Jefferson” (21)

6. McKinley” (19)

7. “Nixon” (18)

8. “Roosevelt” (14)

9. Clinton” (11)

10. “Obama”/“Eisenhower” (tie: 5)

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Dog Names from Germany

Since this website is dedicated to the German Shepherd Dog we decided to include some German dog names:

Male German Dog Names

Berrin; Duesseldorg (Duessel); Einstein; Friederick; Fritz; Gunter; Gustav (Gus); Hummel; Larz; Oscar (Oskar); Otto; Panzer; Wolfgang

Female German Dog Names

Britta; Frieda; Greta; Gretchen; Inna; Jetta; Kitzel; Liebchen; Liesel; Schotzie; Segen; Sylke; Yetta

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Brainstorming for Dog Names


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Something you might want to consider is basing a name for your dog on character traits; such as Happy, Buddy, Lady, Tiger, and so on.

Fictional Characters (from TV, books, and movies)

Authors and producers come up with some great canine names. Here is a sampling:

  • Argos; Homer’s Odyssey
  • Buck; Jack London’s Call of The Wild
  • Carl, Rottweiler; Alexandra Day’s Good Dog Carl
  • Jip; Charles Dickens’ David Copperfield
  • Toto Terrier; Wizzard of Oz
  • Rex the Wonder Dog; DC Comics
  • Beethoven, St Bernard; Beethoven
  • Otis; The Adventures of Milo & Otis
  • Bouncer, Labrador Retriever; Neighbors, TV show
  • Flash, Bassett Hound; The Dukes of Hazzard, TV show
  • Ivarna, Pomeranian; The Suite Life of Zack & Cody

Famous People

Napoleon, Tolkien, Elvis, and Winston are just a few dogs named after famous people. These can be good conversation-starters, for example: “…Yes he’s the 7th cousin twice removed of Napoleon’s favorite dog” (only if true of course!).


Great names for your female pet can be found in flowers, plants, vines and the like. Here are some elegant examples, which also fit the criteria for being short and easy-to-pronounce: Aster; Dahlia; Fern; Holly; Jasmine; Lala; Liana; Lily; Olive; Rose; Ivy

Favorite Things

Many times dogs are named for their owner’s hobbies or passions. Some reflect this with names of well-known brands such as “Harley, “and “Budweiser”.

So, here’s to you and a long and happy friendship with your dog named______________!

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