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Top 8 dogs closest to wolves


According to different scientists and researchers that gather the fossils and remains of dead organisms, wolves and dogs share the same common phylogenetic relationship. Almost 15,000 years ago, dogs emerged as a separate breed, but before that era, they were considered wolves. Even today, dogs resemble wolves more than any other animal. Particularly, several of the breeds included in this page resemble wolves in appearance.

Some breeds of dogs are more similar to wolves than others. If you want to add a family member who will be sturdy, large, and a good companion, this article will prove to be very helpful. Here is a list of some amazing breeds that are closest to wolves.

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Czenchoslovakian Vlcak (CSV)

German Shepherds were allowed to mate with Carpathian wolves in the 1950s, resulting in a new canine that resembled wolves more than others. The Czechoslovakian Vlcak is regarded as one of the most loyal, intelligent, and sturdy dogs, frequently accompanying police officers on patrol and scouring crime hotspots. They are born to work hard and can grasp the most difficult tasks in the shortest amount of time.

The breed is made for active owners as Czenchslovakian Vlcak demands plenty of exercises routinely.

Their working abilities made them distinguishable, and one of the most praised wolf-like dog breeds.

Siberian Husky

These dogs bear a striking resemblance to wolves, both genetically and in their facial makeup.

The breed belongs to the north and primarily originated in Siberia. Due to their striking resemblance, people often have difficulty distinguishing between Siberian huskies and Siberian wolves. These doggies love to sled and are born to live in snowy areas, so they can easily accommodate temperatures below freezing point.


Aside from its physical appearance, the Akita Inu is a breed with wolf genetics. The dog breed originated in Japan and claimed to be the most genetically similar to wolves. They have a remarkable built-in spying character as well as being friendly companions.

We may assess this breed’s popularity by reading about its significance in several novels and other works. The great author Helen Keller received Akita as a precious gift from the Japanese government.

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