What Happens If I Shave My Dog?

Can You Shave Your Shepherd Dog ?

Can Shave Your Shepherd Dog? A very common question asked by the dog owners especially the Shepherd dogs. In this article we have investigated various aspects of these including can you trim a German shepherd? does German shepherd hair grow back? How to groom a German shepherd? And to some extent, the answer to the questions like why do short-haired dogs shed so much and long-haired German shepherd haircuts are also answered. So be sure to read the article till the end.

Most doctors advise against shaving your dog unless medically indicated. Everything depends on the climate in which the animal lives. Pets are not hot, because nature made them so think for yourself. Their sweat glands are located on their paws and tongue.

However, veterinarians admit that it is possible to cut and shave dogs at high temperatures if the animal has a hard time tolerating heat. In this case, the dog should be trimmed by the grooming specialist, not the owner. If the animal is worried, then it can be put into a  medication sleep.

Tatiana Babenko, the head physician of the Northern Lights Clinic, believes that if the dog is shaved with a sterile instrument, and the skin is not damaged or infected, the procedure will not affect the pet’s health. “In my opinion, there is a risk for the psychological state of the dog, so you don’t need to do this for fun,” Babenko said in a conversation in a conversation. According to the doctor, after the operation, some animals noticed that they had a part of their body shaved, and felt discomfort – “they closed and walked along the wall.”

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Veterinarians advise against shaving short-haired dogs – they have a higher risk of sunburn. When shaving a dog of any breed, experts advise leaving a few centimeters of the hairline to protect the animal from sun exposure. It is undesirable to shave the dog during molting: you can touch new hairs, which will clog the hair follicles – the coat of the animal will become irregular. In addition, it is unacceptable to groom dogs that live on the street or in a booth – due to dampness, they may develop.

Can I shave my German Shepherd

if you are looking for the answer to the question that can I shave my German Shepherd the answer is no. This is perfectly not fine to shave your German Shepherd.  The German Shepherd is a type of dog which has a double coat.

The function of the upper layer and the lower layer is different. The upper lid saves the dog from external threats like mud etc. The lower layer protects the dog from the temperature conditions. in summer this helps your dog to remain cool and in winter it helps your dog to remain warm.

Side effects of shaving a dog

This can really be dangerous to shave your dog. The most prominent side effects are noted below:

  1. This is not safe for the skin of the dog to shave. In fact, this will damage the second and this damage will be permanent.
  2. Dog shave destroys the coat of the dog. This haircut saves a dog from heatstroke sunburn and skin cancer. If you remove the coat you are dog is not protected against the dangerous conditions like the skin and even cancer.
  3. The layer of the hair protects the dog against insect attacks. If you remove this there your dog can easily be bitten by the insect. In case the hair layer is absent. This insect bite will severely damage the skin of your dog.  In some worst cases, this may lead to other dangerous infections.
  4. The removal of the hairs from the skin makes it dry. The dogs feel itching on the dry skin. Due to this itching, they will rub the skin more. This can not only damage the skin but may also involve your dog in other infections.
  5. Sometimes we think that shaving the dog will result in less hair shedding. In fact, this is altogether different. The dogs will start to shed more. This is because of the growth of new hairs.
  6. The glory of your dog will move away forever. no matter whatever you do you will never be able to get the glory of your dog back again. The hair which will grow after you shave the older ones will not be the same as the old ones.

Does German shepherd hair grow back?

This is an important question and the concern of many dog owners?  When we are planning to shave our dogs. This is the first question we need to ask. Normally it took a minimum of 4 months and a maximum of 6 months to get your German Shepherd their hair back.

If you want your German Shepherd to get hair back early you can use a non shedding brush. The trick is to brush the shaved hair of your dog gently with this. This will help your dog to get the hair back soon.

How to grow a Sheepdog

Sheepdog is a collective name for several dog breeds, which are united by the fact that in the past they were used as helpers of shepherds. They made sure that the herd did not scatter, no one fought off him. Large breeds not only controlled sheep or cows but could also protect them from wolves or other dangerous predators. The most common in Russia are German and Caucasian Shepherds. As a rule, when mentioning shepherds, a person imagines a German shepherd.

Features of the breed

This breed is characterized by medium size, the height of the shepherd dog ranges from 55 to 65 cm at the withers. The dog is distinguished by a strong constitution and well-developed muscles. The head is wedge-shaped, while the shape of the skull is almost square. The breed is characterized by high, erect, triangular ears. The body of the dog is quite elongated, the neck is strong and muscular.

Characteristics of the dog and caring for the shepherd

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Sheepdog is not a specific breed of dog. There are about 50 types of it. They differ in size, body structure, coat length, and color. The rules for caring for them vary, but there are general recommendations.

Most species have a well-developed guard coat and a coarse undercoat. Hair can be both soft fluffy and coarse. As a rule, they do not get lost in tangles, but if you do not follow the pet, then the dead hairs get tangled, causing discomfort in the animal. You need to comb it 3 times a week and bathe it no more than once every couple of months. Frequent washing removes the protective layer.

Shepherd grooming General Care

Shepherd grooming includes the following procedures:

  1. Bathing
  2. Combing
  3. Hair clipping
  4. Claw cutting
  5. Cleaning of ears and teeth.

The frequency of treatments depends on the breed. Short-haired Sheepdogs do not need to be clipped. It acquires the desired shape naturally, it is laid down by nature. For them, trimming the hairs between the fingers, trimming the claws and other hygiene procedures is enough.

Long-haired dogs definitely need a haircut on the neck and hind legs. Attention is paid to the outline, but no radical haircut is applied. There is a need for regular brushing, especially during the shedding period. If the animal is being prepared for a show, it will take time for the long-haired species such as the Belgian Shepherd to settle down after bathing. Sometimes it takes a couple of days.

Ears and teeth are cleaned every week. The nails should be trimmed as needed unless they are worn off on their own.

Hygiene Rules

In order for the shepherd to calmly endure hygiene procedures, it is necessary to accustom her to this from childhood. Combing shouldn’t be a problem, they love it. And you can get accustomed to bathing and other procedures if they are carried out regularly.

How to groom a German shepherd?

As we have discussed the general care 

Brushing routine

Being a double-coated dog the dog needs to be brushed again and again. If you are afraid that this will damage the fur of your dog. This is the time to use the de shader comb.

Bathing routine

German Shepherd if dirty can take a bath but not more than once in 4 to 5 months. The dog excretes oil. This oil is necessary for its health. Frequent bathing will remove this oil.

Shedding cycle

This happened twice in a year. First and suffering and second in fall. During this period the German Shepherd changes its coat. Be vigilant and do the proper care of German Shepherd during this period. It includes bathing and brushing the hair

Nail care

The names of the German Shepherd are black and small. This is the reason that you need to do extra care while trimming the nails. There is no frequent use to cut the nails again and again. Although it is advisable that you should check the nails regularly. If you see your dog securing its paws floor.

Hair care

German Shepherd has long ears. These years are not only long but also deep. This is the reason that the facts can be stored in it. Excessive wax can cause.

Final Words

Shaving dogs is okay if it is done for certain medical reasons, such as dermatitis. In all other cases, in my opinion, a haircut is a whim of people who assert themselves in this way at the expense of their animals.

According to Babenko, it is allowed to shave animals if it can be seen that the dog has a hard time tolerating heat (it is lethargic, breathes with an open mouth, it has shortness of breath and thirst). “Of course, before cutting a dog’s hair, it is necessary to exclude the medical reasons for this condition,” advises Babenko.

Also, dogs are partially shaved before procedures – ultrasound and echocardiography – and before surgery.

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