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Dog Training Announcement

Almost every German Shepherd owner sooner or later recognizes the need to train their dog. The best approach is to make training part of the daily regimen from the get-go. But the reality is, the need often hits home when an owner witnesses in their dog the emergence of undesirable behaviors – things like dominance, aggression, and separation anxiety.

While unpleasant for owners, such behaviors are above all indicators of stress and anxiety in the dog!

But thankfully, help is available. If you are the owner of a new pup that you want to grow up to be happy and well adjusted, you can have exactly that. Or, if your dog is already displaying distraught, frustrated behaviors, he/she too can become that contented, happy pet you had hoped for!!!

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Those of you who are regular visitors will know that we are all about providing quality info and guidance to GSD owners in a form that is both easily accessible and free of charge! After several years of working on this project, it is gratifying to know that thousands of visitors have benefited from the service we provide, and it has been our delight to be of service in this way.

Recently, in order to pay for some of our expenses and time, I’ve sought ways of creating some revenues from our efforts. Through affiliate arrangements we have the opportunity from time to time to refer you to genuinely useful resources, while making a commission on sales that may result. I take the approach that these resources must always be of the kind of quality that I’d refer them whether or not we derived a benefit. We’ll not recommend anything that we would not use ourselves. Finally, you’ll never pay extra, and many times when you click through, you’ll actually get the benefit of a special price or other offer that we’ve been provided, or have negotiated for you! Thanks for your support!

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