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  1. I have a 10 week old GSD Puppy named Sarge. At 9 weeks he weighed 20 LBS. I starting him on a raw meat diet 1 week ago. He eats grinded chicken, beef, liver, tongue, with spinach green leaf and raw egg mixed in. He eats this raw paste very well most times but I’m wondering when I should go to larger chunks and do I need to feed him this 3 to 4 times daily? I also wanted to feed him Tripe but can’t seem to find it unprocessed. But haven’t given up on finding it. Thank you… Jeff

    • Hi Jeff
      I’m glad your pup is doing well on his raw diet. There’s no problem with giving him chunks of meat now – in fact the extra chewing action will be good for him. Two meals a day would be the right frequency, giving his stomach time to digest the food well. If you start adding bones to his raw diet, which would be a good idea, one meal a day would then be the best meal frequency, because of the extra time needed for the stomach to break down bone matter. Have you read our article on raw food Jeff? We mention in it the fact that it’s recommended to supplement the diet with Omega-3 fatty acids – good brain and eye food!

  2. Our 5 month gets bored easy and hyper at about 7.30 pm biting at ankles when in garden he constantly eating slate of the rockery and lumps of soil .

    • Hi Jo. This kind of behavior is not that unusual in a big high-energy dog. It typically indicates a lot of pent-up energy. I don’t know what your workout regimen is with Enzo, but my suggestion is that you start to give him really vigorous daily workouts. I saw from another of your comments that you were on our Activities page. There are plenty of ideas there.
      Don’t shortchange your GSD when it comes to exercise. Also it should be quite helpful to get your pup trained, because apart from the obvious benefits, training also engages the mind of the dog. In the case of intelligent breeds like the German Shepherd, a mental “workout” can be almost as important as the physical ones

  3. I’m in Iran, and I have a 3 years old German Shepherd. He is a member of Iranian red Cross. In age three his teeth are falling and some new are growing up. What is this? It is normal or some disease?

    • Hi Nader. I would suggest you check the condition of your dog’s teeth and gums. It is unusual to see teeth coming out at 3 years. If all the teeth coming out are replaced by good new teeth, it may be one of the rare instances that nature just decides it’s time for a full replacement. But that phenomena is rare.

  4. Dear MM,
    We are collecting our Swiss White Shepherd puppy on Saturday and hoping to get off to a good start. I found the info on your site very informative, thank you.

  5. We have a gorgeous long-haired gsd and have had a few people that have said she was an Alsatian???
    We had no background info on her as we rescued her from foster care but we would like to know where we can get another one at some time in the future.

    • Hello Gail. I agree with you that the long-haired German Shepherds are beautiful. One reason they are striking is perhaps to do with their relative rarity. Some breeders handle them, but you may have to go further afield to find one.

      Concerning the name Alsatian, it’s another name for a German Shepherd. During WWII the British adopted the term, in lieu of having a dog named for their enemy! Alsace was part of a territory held by Germany in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s. Someone evidently traced early GSD’s to the Alsace region.


  6. Hi,
    Just joined your page…I have 5 month old GSD male. He is teething and his baby teeth tend to fall as well. One came out last week and three this week. Overall he is doing well, eating his meals, drinking water and exercising. Knowing that teething with new ones are important phase of their lives, is there anything I need to be cautious and help him go through the smooth transition to avoid any long term health issues.
    Thanks. – Jay

    • Hello Jay,

      Glad you’re part of the community! My advice at this stage is: Enjoy the fun! You can simply let nature take its course as far as the transition from puppy to adult teeth. The big teeth are right behind, pushing out the baby ones as they grow in.

      While on the topic… once the adult teeth are in place, that’s where we can do a lot as owners to help insure the health of the teeth and gums going forward. Being proactive in this area can completely guard against periodontal disease, which afflicts a large percentage of dogs and results in bacterial infections in the gums and worse. Here’s a link to our article on teeth and gums: http://germanshepherdplace.com/?p=1654


  7. Have a five mo. Old German Shepard. Also have a seven yr. old golden retreiver, who would rather stay and sleep and eat in the suv. Cannot at times get her out and she will stay in there for a day or two. Does she want to be away from the puppy and have her peace or is there a med. problem?

    • Marcia. I hesitate to make assumptions based on what you have written. But I’ll share a few thoughts: So long as your Golden Retriever is eating, drinking and exercising normally and has a perky disposition when moving around, I’m inclined to see this as a behavioral issue and not a physical one. The first step will be to wean her out of her comfort zone, by starting to feed her elsewhere, and not in the SUV (the first few times you may have to allow her to get a little hungry before she’ll budge – no harm in that!). Show love and affection when she’s in the house, but not when she’s in the SUV. You want her to begin to associate her house-time with the good things. In this way she should begin to voluntarily leave her “cocoon”.

  8. Hi Sharon,
    I have used an excellent product for itchiness with my two Shepherds it is Essential 6 it strenghens the skin barrier and also helps reduce shedding a lot very easy to use, Look up the PAW animal wellbeing website in Australia for more info.I have also been on the food ( merry go round ) NO HELP also there is a simple diagnostic food sensitivity test using the dogs saliva VERY SIMPLE might be worth a try it is called NUTRISCAN check HEMPOPET website in the States, the clinic is owned by Jean Dodds.Hope this advice is if some use give your Shepherd a cuddle for me.

  9. I have an 11 year old 100# GSD and have been using a mixture of olive oil and coconut oil at least once sometimes twice, a day. From your guidelines, I should be giving him 3 TBS of coconut oil daily or 2 TBS olive oil daily.

    I feel a combined 6 TBS of oil a day may be too much oil. Please guide me how much of each I should be giving daily. I have fought his itchy skin since he was an 8 week old puppy; tested for mange, changed foods numerous times, raw diet, cooked diet – done it all to no avail. Still hoping to help him, just recently started the coconut oil but slowing increasing it. Need some help with amounts of oil.

    • Hi Sharon,
      You bring up a good point about the combining of the two oils. My suggestion is that you alternate, giving coconut oil one day and olive oil the next. Having both oils in your dog’s diet should be quite beneficial! I hope you have success with this Sharon!

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