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This website has been created with the purpose of providing German Shepherd owners like yourself with the information you need, in articles that are concise and easy-to-read. We want to help you and your German Shepherd to get the most out of life!

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The Articles

Planning For a German Shepherd

The German Shepherd – IntroductionWhere to Get Your German Shepherd  Dog Names


Housetraining Your German Shepherd …  Dog Training … Cesar Millan & “The Dog Whisperer” Techniques

Health & Grooming

Healthcare for Your German Shepherd … Grooming Your German ShepherdYour German Shepherd’s Teeth & Gums  (recently added article, December 27, 2013)


Feeding Your German Shepherd … Dog Food: Understanding The Ingredient Label … Things to Avoid Feeding Your Dog … Raw Food Diets for Dogs: Facts & Tips


Activities for Your German Shepherd … Showing Your German Shepherd

Dog Breeds

Dog Breeds – How They Developed … Popular Dog Breeds … The White Shepherd


Our Mission:

  1. To help you give your German Shepherd the best possible quality of life.
  2. To give you the tools to optimize your GSD ownership experience because being your dog’s “pack leader” should be enjoyable and enriching.

We seek to fulfill the mission through authoritative articles on German Shepherd care. In addition we offer a free subscription to the German Shepherd Report (see sidebar to join).

Beyond the Facts

We are not satisfied to merely give you facts, but want every article to mirror the principles of promoting Health, Efficiency and Thrift.

The Three Principles

  • Health: The health of your dog is our top priority. We research, reflect and brainstorm with other experts to bring you the information to help you promote the health and wellbeing of your German Shepherd.
  • Efficiency: Saving you time; It’s a thread that runs through much of our writing; you’ll see it in the housetraining methods we share, and in the guidance on maintaining your dog’s health while minimizing time-consuming vet visits.
  • Thrift: Saving you money. Our proactive approach to maintaining your dog’s health is a win win for both you and your GSD. It means a higher quality of life for your dog, and lower vet expenses for you!


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