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Top 5 breeds of skinny dogs.

Are you looking for skinny dogs that will match all the characteristics of a standard dog but contain less weight and have a more svelte appearance?

You may become bored with traditional obese dogs and desire a change regarding this. The article will provide you with multiple breeds of dogs, including those with tall or short, skinny appearances.

Skinny dogs, while not well known when adopted as a family member, are not too bad in understanding your home’s values. People usually misunderstand these dogs as they seem fragile at first glance due to their underweight appearance, but they are not unhealthy in any way.

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What are the characteristics of a skinny dog?

  • These dogs are generally alert and conscious all the time, perfectly fit for home guard service.
  • Due to their unusually skinny appearance, they can run swiftly.
  • Affectionate and loyal towards their owner and family.
  • Adjustable to any place, like a car, bike, or another vehicle, as they lack bulkiness.
  • Due to the minimum amount of fats, these dogs have less ability to survive in the coldest regions.

Here is a list of the top 8 skinny dogs that will fit in with any family.

What is the list of the top 8 skinny dogs?

1. Afghan hound:

Due to the coating of silky hair, you can easily distinguish this breed from other dogs. These were discovered in Afghanistan, thus the name “Afghan hound.” Their tail is also distinctive in that it has a sharp curve at the end.

Due to the presence of a thick coat of fur, people usually do not categorize them as skinny dogs, but if you bathe them, you will notice their slender-like appearance.

The dog is so active that you do not need to give them directions for hunting or other activities that are usually mandatory for a dog’s fitness.

Height 68-74 cm
Life span 12-14 years
Nature Obsessed with hunting
Energy level High
Loyalty Good
2. Greyhound:

Like the Afghan hound, this breed is also considered a hunting breed and can easily capture its prey. Having a usual speed of 40 to 45 mph, the breed is titled Ferraris of the dog world. They contain less than 15 percent of body fat, and having a grey color is also their distinguishing characteristic.

They are more human-like, with mild and sweet temperaments. Due to their unique capability to run fast, they get tired quickly and can sleep for several hours. They always require their partner so they can play with him to avoid a boring day.

Greyhounds are good jogging companions and can walk with you for several hours on a morning walk.

Having minimal hair makes them easy to bathe and requires less maintenance. Nevertheless, they are less adapted to colder regions due to a lack of warm, cozy hair.

Height 71-76 cm
Life span 10-14 years
Nature Sweet and mild
Energy level Good
loyalty Good
3. Kani Breed:

The breed is well-known in south India, as it was first seen there. The name given to this breed is due to their unquestionable loyalty and services. They can be a perfect match and good companions for your family. It gives the appearance of a slightly fatty and lean figure.
They are not suitable to accompany strangers but have high intellectual and training abilities.

Like other breeds, they have different appearances, like black and tan markings. Due to their short hair, they also need minimum maintenance. But this feature has a flaw in that their chances of survival are the tiniest in cold regions.

They require at least one hour of constructive exercise so that they will only bother you some day and also avoid misbehaving.

Height 64-74 cm
Life span 14-16 years
Nature Human friendly
Energy level Need exercise
loyalty Excellent
4. Azawakh:

As the name reveals, it originates in the Azawakh Valley of the Sahara Desert. Like the greyhound and Kani breeds, these dogs are well-developed for hunting and guardian purposes. Their intimate love and care make them good companions as well as protectors. They contain small spots in the overall body.

They have a touch of possessiveness toward their owner, so they do not allow other dogs to cuddle their partner. They have no specific color, so their coats come in various contrasts, including red, fawn, and sometimes sand. They have not been approved for cold regions again because their hometown is in the desert, so they cannot survive in cold areas. They need exercise that will give them mind refreshment.

Height 60-73 cm
Life span 10-12 years
Nature Hunting and guarding
Energy level High
loyalty Good
5. Irish Setter:

The dog is lively and always enthusiastic due to its high energy level. Because of their consciousness, they are thought to be good watchdogs due to the strength of their barks when they see an intruder.

Their mental level is relatively low compared to other dogs, which is why they assume they are childish dogs. Due to this, they often make mischief that is quite irritating most of the time. Their flame-colored hair gives them a more magnificent and elegant look. Their ear contains silky, shiny hair, which needs to be maintained regularly.

Height 64-67 cm
Life span 12-15 years
Nature Good for family
Energy level Good
loyalty Good


  • What is the appearance of a skinny dog?

There is no fat layer between the skin and the ribs, which are readily seen or feel as though they are just below the skin. It is simple to feel the spinal cord, hip bones, and shoulders via the skin. The bones at the tail’s base are sticking out. When viewed from above, the rib-hip curve appears to be extremely acute.

  • Which one is the smallest dog in the world?

Chihuahuas are the slimmest dog in the world, weighing almost 0.5 kg. Furthermore, with a height of 3.8 inches, this slim dog is considered the smallest.

  • A skinny dog can be a healthy one?

Just like obese dogs, those who are underweight are also considered to be unhealthy. However, certain breeds are skinny but have no link to unhealthiness or any disease. As a result, a dog with a skinny appearance is not necessarily unhealthy.


Here is a list of dogs who appear skinny or slim. Before buying a dog for your family, one must know the specific traits of specific skinny breeds of dogs. I hope you found this article helpful as you consider getting a skinny, intelligent, energetic pet for your family.

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