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Watchdogs vs guard dogs

Dogs are not only born to provide good companionship with you and your family but they are also considered hardworking animals that can help in every field, such as assisting you in doing home chores or assisting you in shopping. Most importantly, they prove to be good protectors and energetic guards who are willing to sacrifice their lives for the protection of your family and your home.  But here, due to their specificity, we usually categorize them into two different sorts, i.e., watchdogs and guard dogs.

Both of these terms are usually used interchangeably, but they have distinguishing characteristics and traits. Here in this article, we will discuss both of them in detail.

It is a built-in habit of a dog to alarm you if he finds something abnormal or unusual in its surroundings. However, some dogs do more than this. They make their maximum effort to avoid any uncertainty.

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What is the primary difference between a watchdog and a guard dog?


While purchasing a dog breed, you need to know what traits you want in your new family member. Watchdogs are preferable in homes and families that are socially active and have to host many guests weekly.

What makes a dog a good watchdog?

The main purpose of the watchdog is to alert the members about any intruders or abnormal circumstances. So, what if you buy a dog having no capability to bark louder?

Such dogs are worse to be watchdogs. You need to look for a dog with a high frequency of barking so that you will be alert immediately and prepare yourself for such circumstances. Attacking intruders is not a good trait if you are looking for a watchdog. A watchdog should act as an alarm and wait for the backup to deal with the situation.

Guard dog:

However, if we consider a guard dog for your home, the above-mentioned concept will be reversed. Guard dogs are demanded in areas where there is a high alert for burglars and thieves. Because guard dogs are too powerful, they are trained to rescue their owner or family in addition to serving as a watchdog.

The major trait that a guard dog must possess is the ability to remain alert and ready to safeguard his owner. Guard dogs ought to be strong and fantastic-looking so that an intruder can be readily terrified.

Unlike watchdogs, guard dogs require supervision and training to protect your home. They should know the difference between an intruder and a guest because any confusion in this regard can damage your hospitality towards your guests.

What is the distinguishing characteristic of a guard dog?

To bite someone quickly without warning him is not a good approach for a guard dog. A good guard dog must give a clear sign of attacking before biting someone. The signs may be in the form of a loud bark or growl.

The difference between a guard dog and a watchdog
Watchdogs Guard dogs
  • Their only job is to bark, if they sense any unusual behavior around them.
  • They have to bark, growl and show fierce behavior toward the intruder.
  • Size and physical appearance does not matter, as they have to alert their owner.
  • Their appearance must be like a guard, they should be strong and seems to be ready to attack intruders.
  • Their size does not matter, even a small pooch can do this task.
  • Their appearance matters a lot, they should be giant.
  •  No need to go through special training.
  • They require a high level of training so that they will know when to attack and how to attack.

People usually pet both watchdogs along with the guard dog as both can perform better together. The watchdog gives the alert while the guard dog tries to stop the intruder. An example of this couple is Volpino Italiano works as a watchdog accompanied by a German shepherd, who serves as a guard dog.

Training such categories of dogs is not too difficult. It does not demand plenty of time. But one thing that is necessary for both of them is having the sense to recognize which one is a family member and which one is an intruder. To bark as well as to attack after watching strangers is a built-in trait of these dogs, so they perform their duties instinctively.

What is the Personal Protection Dogs (PPDs)?

There is another category that resembles the above-mentioned kinds of dogs which is Personal Protection Dogs. Their work is not to protect your private property rather they work as a personal security guard. They also have the instinct to protect their owner. Nevertheless, such dogs demand a high level of training as they have to protect a particular person.

This is box title
  • Chihuahuas
  • Terriers
  • Dachshunds
  • Shih tzus
  • Poodles
Best breeds of guard dogs.
  • Bulldog
  • Bouvier
  • Collie
  • Swiss mountain dog
  • Doberman
  • Belgian sheepdog
  • What are attack dogs?

Such dogs are extremely loyal as they attack only when their owner asks to attack and stops when he asks to stop. These dogs are highly social and obedient to their masters. They are trained to do so for their owner.

  • Can all dogs become guard dogs?

No, it is not possible as a guard dog must have a giant, terrific appearance that will scare the intruder immediately. Moreover, it must have the power to attack that thieve forcefully.

  • Which one is the no.1 guard dog?

A German shepherd is a world-famous guard dog due to its loyalty towards his master and the will to defend him. Moreover, they know when to bite and when to just bark.

Final thoughts:

You have to be highly rational while purchasing a guard dog or alert dog. Sometimes, the owner trusts his dog and left him alone as a safeguard. But he fails to stop even a minor burglary. Similarly, too aggressive nature of your dog can also be harmful as what if he bites an innocent minor boy, misunderstanding him as a thief. So, your dog’s training in this regard really matters.

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