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Why Use a Dog Harness Instead of a Collar?

The decision to use a dog harness instead of a collar isn’t an easy one to make. Wearing a dog collar on your pet is a classic method used since the dawn of time. But as you’re probably aware, there are particular options has specific pros, and challenging to know which type of restraint will work best for your pet and your lifestyle. If you’re thinking about switching from using collars to harnesses with your pup, consider the five reasons below that will let you know why harnesses are a better choice than traditional collars.

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Complications caused by the collar
  • The main problem with the collar is that it can be easily slipped off by the dog, leading to all sorts of potential dangers.
  • The collar is also not a specific option for dogs still learning to walk on a leash without pulling. This is because the collar can cause injury to the throat or esophagus.
  • A collar is an uncomfortable way to restrain your dog, as it can stress his neck and joints.
  • It can also be easier for them to slip out of their collars and potentially run into traffic or another yard.
  • A collar may not help you control your dog while running and training.
  • Dogs with thin fur that live in cold areas might benefit significantly from collars since they keep their necks warm. Nevertheless, if you want to train your dog without hurting him and cutting down on his pulling abilities, you should use a dog harness instead! Harnesses provide security and a feeling that your pup is connected to you. They come in many styles, so try the best for the pooch’s neck.


A harness is more unassailable, easy to use, and relieves pressure on the neck. These are safer than collars because they are difficult for dogs to wriggle out of and provide better control over their pup. Therefore, a harness is recommended and possesses multiple advantages. These are explained in detail below:

1. Harnesses are More Secure

It is more secure because dogs are less likely to slip out of their harnesses and run into traffic or another person’s yard. For another, using a harness reduces pulling, increases your control over your pup, and decreases stress on his neck and joints. Finally, some dogs may find collars uncomfortable or even dangerous if they have sensitive channels or are prone to coughing/gagging when wearing them too tightly.

Additional Benefits
  • A harness has several advantages, including making your dog more at ease and improving movement control. Additionally, it prevents neck or body injuries brought on by collars.
  • With a harness, you can let your dog do whatever he wants as long as you hold onto the leash.
  • If he pulls on the leash, there won’t be any tension in his neck as he faces while wearing a collar. It reduces strain and ensures comfort.
  • Plus, you never have to worry about him slipping out of his harness while running outside! The puppy will be free to explore in this manner without being concerned about running into any trouble.

2. Harnesses Increase Your Control

The first and most noticeable advantage of using a harness is that it will increase your control over your pup. Harnesses give you better control over the dog when he pulls on the leash because they are designed to distribute the pressure around the body rather than just on the neck area like with a collar. This makes it easier for both you and your pup! You won’t have to pull as hard, decreasing the risk of injury. It also creates a calmer walk which helps create good training habits. With all this in mind, it becomes easy to see why many people prefer using harnesses over collars. If you’ve ever tried to walk an animal on a leash, you know that controlling the pet’s body position can be tough with just one hand. A harness will give you an extra point of contact and allow more control over the animal’s movements.

For this reason, many trainers prefer them as well. This increased ability to steer the pup will make walking much more enjoyable for humans and animals. It also reduces pulling, which can help decrease stress on your dog’s neck and joints. The main disadvantage of the collar is that it can slip off and allow escape artists to escape from their owners. Use a harness instead to reduce the chance of losing your furry friend in traffic or another person’s yard!

Why is harness a better option for long dogs?

A harness will reduce pulling and increase your control over your pup. A good harness will also decrease stress on the dog’s neck and joints, which is especially important for larger dogs. As their pushing power is more so face more pressure in their throat. The material that the harness is made out of is an indication of how well it works as well. Nylon can work great, but if you want more grip, a leather harness might work better for you. The only disadvantage to using a harness instead of a collar would be that some dogs are uncomfortable wearing them at first, so to be calm down and increasing positive reinforcement are keys to getting him used to his new accessory!

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In conclusion, there are many benefits to using a harness over a collar. The top three benefits are that they reduce pulling, increase your control over your pup and decrease stress on his neck and joints. If you have been thinking about getting one for your dog or need to replace an old one, we recommend giving our selection at the link below a look. They come in different sizes and shapes, having different mesmerizing colors that will make your pup cuter. We offer two styles: general purpose (which can be used for walking, training, and off-leash running) and non-choke (perfect for training or car rides). There is also plenty of information about measuring your pet correctly, so it fits snugly but not too tightly.

Frequently asked question
  • Do you have to buy a harness and a collar?

No, many people buy a combined dog collar and leash that includes the ability to attach it to the collar. Some owners prefer both, but neither is mandatory for your pup.

  • What happens if my dog slips out of the harness like he can from his collar?

Harnesses are designed to decrease the dog slipping chances that he usually faces in the collar. If your pup does fall out of the harness, it may hurt his nose. Walking with a leash and harness is more comfortable for the dog than walking without one, so your pet is less likely to slip out.

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