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How to give senior dogs a dog massage?

Your pet’s emotional and physical health can benefit from what you might think of as a luxurious spa service. Dog Massage therapy may improve circulation, lessen pain, lessen tension and anxiety, and deepen your link with your dog.  Detecting new developments at an initial point can also be beneficial.  An essential component of an aged dog’s quality of life is massage.  Throughout its life, and especially as it ages, treatment can be a valuable and successful treatment option for your dog.

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Why You Should Your Dog A  Massage:

After an Activity, Post-exercise stiffness and discomfort can result from various factors, including age, overuse, prolonged inactivity, and prior injuries.  Some of this soreness can be reduced with massage.

  • Anxiety: Massage therapy may effectively calm your pet during a thunderstorm, fireworks display, or any other scenario that causes them to become tense and restless.
  • Arthritis: Gently stroking and kneading painful muscles and joints helps improve circulation. Your hands’ light pressure causes tissues to constrict and boosts local blood flow.  To avoid hurting your pet, avoid pressing too hard and stop if they flinch, flee, nip, or growl.
  • Well before: human and dog athletes can benefit from a warm-up before a workout. A little dog massage can help avoid injury and post-workout discomfort while improving blood flow to muscles, tissues, and nerves.

How Should I Massage My Old Dog?

  • An excellent technique to strengthen your bond with your dog companion is through dog massage.  This therapy aims to make your dog feel at ease and relaxed.  You should take it gradually and make sure your dog is having fun.  The actions you can take to massage a senior dog are listed here.
  • A quiet spot in the house to make your dog feel calm and comfortable.  Then, use gentle strokes to pet the head, back, and other parts of your dog’s body.  It will allow your pup to settle down and not be fearful during the massage.
  • Start applying long, sweeping strokes on your dog’s head.  When you get below the head, switch to circular motions and continue working in the direction of the neck.  Next, slowly sweep your hands over the dog’s body while applying gentle pressure to the skin.
  • Round movements with your fingertips while you continue to move in the direction of your pup’s shoulders.  The sensation of having their shoulders massaged is pleasant to many dogs.  As a result, you can consider it to be their favorite location and stay there longer.  Then, turn your attention to your dog’s chest and softly stroke it.
  • If your dog is quiet, you can continue rubbing their feet and even give them a massage on their paws.  Skip this step if that applies.  The paws of your elderly dog should then be rubbed down.  This notion will likely offend your dog as it may be overly delicate.

You may perform some quick and easy massage techniques on your senior dog at home.  These consist of the following:

  • Stretching is a calming technique that involves giving your dog long, continuous gliding strokes along the body.
  • With the Swedish massage technique, you lift and knead the skin like dough. It enhances the tissue’s suppleness and blood flow.
Benefits of giving a massage to your elder dog:

There is an extensive list of advantages to massage shared by many experienced dog owners:

  • Enhance blood flow, strengthens the immunological system, and increase brain oxygenation
  • Flushing out waste items from the body aids in the early detection of medical disorders like swelling, painful spots, lumps, and skin conditions.
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There are two excellent massage types for elderly dogs, detailed below the chart.

Effleurage Petrissage
  • This approach for relaxing your dog involves giving him long, uninterrupted strokes throughout his body.
  • This approach is quite much like kneading dough.  It’s a fantastic massage for boosting blood flow.
  •  At the start and finish of dog massage therapy, such glide motions are frequently used.
  • At the start and end of massaging, the connective tissue under the skin will bend the epidermis to release adhesion.
  • It soothes, warms, and calms the senior dog’s body and mind.
  • This massage therapy helps support maintaining the ideal level of muscle tension.
  • A massage is what?

Massage is a non-invasive, hands-on therapy in which you stroke and knead your dog’s muscles and joints to reduce stress, pain, and spasms.  Along with lowering physical and psychological tension, it also improves mobility, encourages relaxation, and speeds up the healing of bones, muscles, and joints.

You can spot swelling, sore spots, and skin issues by massaging an elderly dog.  Owners may benefit significantly since they may identify trouble spots promptly and prevent serious problems.

  • Is it acceptable to give your dog a self-massage?

Your dog can be thoroughly examined and given a treatment plan by a licensed animal therapist who has received training and certification in animal massage.  You should seek your veterinarian’s advice regarding professional massage for specific ailments or difficulties your dog may have before giving them a light, generalized massage.


Please don’t assume that your dog must be placed with being slow, stiff, and hurting simply because they are older! Massage has various potential advantages for older dogs, including pain alleviation and relaxation.  Simple massages can be performed at home quickly, or we can take our dogs to licensed canine massage therapists – particularly for specific injuries and conditions.

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